Convenience method to select, parameterize, and construct a cover and associate it with the calling objects cover field.



Either a pre-configured cover, or name of the cover to use.


Additional parameter values to pass to the covering generators initialize method.


Every MapperRef object requires a CoverRef object as is cover member field. In the context of Mapper, a cover is used to discretize the filter space into a partition, which is then used via a pullback operation to construct the vertices.

The MapperRef class makes no restrictions on the cover that is used; only that it fulfills the requirements of being a valid CoverRef instance (e.g. a FixedIntervalCover), or one of the cover typenames listed in the covers_available(). If a typename is given, the cover is automatically constructed before being assigned to the $cover field.


data(noisy_circle) m <- MapperRef$new(noisy_circle) m$use_filter(noisy_circle[,1]) m$use_cover("fixed interval", number_intervals = 5, percent_overlap = 25) ## Alternative way to specify (and construct) the cover cover <- FixedIntervalCover$new(number_intervals = 5, percent_overlap = 25) cover$construct_cover(filter = m$filter) m$cover <- cover