Sets the map, or filter, to associate with the instance



either the filter name to use, a matrix, or a function. See details.


additional parameters to pass to the filter function.


filter must be either a matrix of coordinate values, a function that returns a matrix of coordinate values, or one of the following predefined filters:

  • PC Principle components (with prcomp)

  • IC Independent components (with fastICA)

  • ECC Eccentricity (internal, change the norm by passing one of \(p\) = [1, 2, Inf])

  • KDE Kernel Density Estimate (with kde)

  • DTM Distance to measure (with dtm)

  • MDS Classic (Metric) Multidimensional Scaling (with cmdscale)

  • ISOMAP Isometric feature mapping (with isomap)

  • LE Laplacian Eigenmaps (with geigen)

  • UMAP Uniform Manifold Approximation and Projection (with umap)

Nearly all the pre-configured filters essentially call functions in other packages with somewhat reasonable default parameters to perform the mapping. Any parameters supplied to ... are passed to the corresponding package function linked above, which override any default parameters. If the package needed to compute the filter is not installed, a prompt is given asking the user whether they would like to install it.

NOTE: The predefined filters are meant to be used for exploratory or illustrative purposes only---this function is not meant to act as a comprensive interface to the functions each filter corresponds too.