Sets the clustering algorithm used to construct the connected components in the pullback cover.



Either one of the link criteria used in the hclust function (string) or a function. See details.


Type of heuristic to determine cut value. See details. Ignored is cl is a function.


Additional parameters passed as defaults to the cutoff method. See details.


If cl is a linkage criterion, a standard hierarchical clustering algorithm is used with suitable default parameters. If it is a function, it must have a signature compatible with function(pid, idx, self, ...) where pid is the index of the (pullback) set to cluster (see CoverRef), idx are the indices of the points in X to cluster on, and self is the MapperRef instance environment.
The cutoff method may be one of either c("continuous", "histogram"). See cutoff_first_bin and cutoff_first_threshold for what they each correspond to, respectively. Additional named parameters passed via ... act as defaults to the cutting method chosen. If not chosen, reasonable defaults are used.

Additional named parameters passed via the dots in $clustering_algorithm will taken precedence and override all previously set default settings.